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The Psychology of Clutter
How important is cleaning up really? Does your home have to look immaculate? Can't buyers see the value of your home for what it really is?

Clutter - a disorganized garage, an overstuffed closet or a disheveled basement - can make people feel uneasy. Some reports have clutter linked to depression. Clutter can create a feeling of inhesitancy and even inertia.

Clutter can also draw attention to the wrong things. Instead of a big double garage a buyer's attention may be focused on boxes, lawn equipment and bikes piled in the corner. Clutter can instantly draw negative attention from a great selling point.

Clutter has the knack for making everything seem smaller. Don't underestimate the psychology of clutter. Getting rid of clutter ranks as one of the best investments you can make in preparing your home for sale, averaging a 594% return on investment.

Experts suggest that you put up to 30% of your things in storage when preparing your home for sale. This is unpractical for most people, but it does pay to make your home look as spacious and uncluttered as possible. Here are a few tips:

Store It - A friend's basement or garage is your cheapest alternative. There may be public storage facilities located nearby as well.
Sell It - Have a moving sale. You can place an ad in the local newspaper or sticka few notices around the neighbourhood. Garage sales work very well too.
Give It Away - Many non-profit organizations accept used items such as furniture and clothes. Some will even pick them up for you.
Dump It - Sometimes the best place for an item is your local garbage dump or recycling depot.